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Having practised spiritual healing for some years now, Jenny has listened and talked to many people about their perception of the world and how they live within it. Healing allows an opening and exploration of our deepest selves if we wish to pursue this. It became obvious that most, but not all, illnesses and diseases are the result of the emotions that arise through the process of living together here on Earth.


'Healing with the Feminine Principle' is a very practical book, suitable for those who are not spiritual but who wish to live in a calmer and more mindful way. Equally, it is ideal for those wishing to pursue their spiritual development. The material and spiritual are not separate but are inextricably linked to one another – practicality is equally important in balancing both aspects.
Each of us has masculine and feminine qualities but our world has become overwhelmed by the masculine. This book explores how we can bring a better balance of these two principles to enable us to move forward in a more balanced way, materially and spiritually, with compassion and understanding.

The World As Spirit now available from Amazon


Clearly, we live in an increasingly complex, confused and chaotic world, one in which advances in science and technology have run ahead of our ability to morally and spiritually adjust to the 'progress'. Howard Jones cogently explains why we need a change in direction, a new philosophy - one that will close the gap between our destructive materialistic ways and our spiritual needs. It is a gap or void which organized religion has been unable to fill. He explores the 'cosmic spirit' in religion, science and philosophy and offers a unifying worldview. It is a philosophy that replaces the materialistic thinking prevalent in the world today with an attitude of hope, tolerance, patience, purpose, love and service. --Michael E. Tymn, Author of The Articulate Dead and Vice-President of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies.


This book aims to show the connections between science in the 21st century and spirituality. This gives rise to a new philosophy in which the materialism, reductionism and determinism of science are complemented by a world-view of idealism, holism and quantum indeterminacy. The author also interprets mind and soul in rational and scientific terms.

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