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What does ‘Spirit of Oneness’ mean?

We have created a world where individualism is encouraged to the extent that we consider ourselves separate from one another. But we are all inextricably linked in so many ways - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - we are all One.

The purpose of this website is not to convert anyone to any particular path, creed or religion but to offer information, especially in the articles. I hope that what you read will encourage you to create your own loving, fulfilling and holistic path that also enhances others' lives. We are, first and foremost, infinitely creative spirits with much more power than we can possibly imagine while we are focused in this dimension.

I believe that we all come from the One Source, to which we will all return and, even though we appear to be separate during our physical existence in this dimension, in truth, we are still One with All That Is.

Life is a series of challenging events evoking the whole range of emotions of which we are capable. We can make our lives much easier if we are in a state of inspired and creative thought in joy, peace and serenity. If we learn to accept and love our connection with all other souls by realizing that we are all whole and perfect - simply souls or spirits having a material experience - life flows.

Important Note: All the advice and information that appears in this website has been researched and much of it is also the result of my personal experience during healing sessions. But if you have any challenge with your health, you should always speak to your GP first to get his or her advice.

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