Dying, Death and Bereavement

There are no limits to how spiritual healing can help us. We do not have to have a specific illness or condition that we wish to have resolved; experience has shown that healing works equally well on emotional challenges and indeed this is the origin of many of our health imbalances.

Healing into death

The healing energies help to calm our emotions and give us greater clarity to deal with whatever health or other challenge comes our way. When a healer is asked to channel healing to someone with a terminal illness, the benefit of the healing lies in the effect it has on the receiver's ability to accept their illness, to make their final years, months, weeks or days more serene and calm and to ease their transition, or death as many people call it.

Many people who receive healing just before their transition make peace with themselves and those around them, often after years of turmoil, discontent and disharmony. So it is never a waste of time to request healing at this time - distant or hands on. The healing can also help to ease the pain that some suffer at the end of their lives because of their illness. Loved ones and others who are left behind find it much easier to accept a transition that is accomplished without torment.

Our beliefs about what happens after our physical body wears out and gives up can be crucial in how well we cope with our own transition and that of someone close to us. My personal belief, and one for which I have much evidence, is that our soul does go on and that transitioning back to Spirit is a great deal easier than being born, from a physical and emotional point of view. Birth is a very traumatic event for both infant and mother - this trauma can be reduced by the environment in which it happens and the support mother and baby receive from others but it is nevertheless a dramatic event.

When we pass over, I believe we simply wake up back in the source from which we originated, and reports of 'near-death experiences' support this view. I believe that we wake up from the dream or illusion we are currently experiencing and it is a homecoming to our true home, having experienced the lessons that encourage our personal, spiritual and emotional growth, which serves to support all other souls, incarnate and disincarnate.

Healing for the bereaved

Healing can, of course, also be of great benefit to the bereaved, whether they are feeling the loss of another soul, a much-loved animal, a job, during divorce, a home, a limb, an ability, or anything else. We grieve over the loss of many things other than the transition of those we love because we give of ourselves in many different ways so that any loss can be distressing to us.

Grieving for anything is a natural process and one that we have to go through but it is our choice as to how we respond to it, like any other situation. It cannot be rushed; there are no shortcuts. We have to allow ourselves to feel the emotions that naturally arise one by one until we reach a point where we have not forgotten our loss but we remember them (or it) with affection and gratitude for what they brought to our lives and the lessons they helped us to learn. This acceptance of our loss often happens without our awareness - we just realise one day, perhaps on waking in the morning or when we're doing something totally unrelated to our loss, that we have accepted it and moved on.

Spiritual healing can often help to ease the pain of loss and gives us greater clarity about our relationships, both with those who have passed over and those who are still with us. It allows us space to grieve in a constructive and creative way, making it another experience that we learn from. We can keep the soul who has transitioned (or whatever else we are grieving for) close to our hearts so that we can add to our emotional foundations and use this strength to help us to live our lives from that point in a slightly (or perhaps radically) different way.

This doesn't mean that, during the healing session, we become very emotional, although that can happen with many people and it is often a relief to be able to release those emotions with someone unconnected with family and friends. Frequently, however, people find that the release comes later when they are alone - and this release can often have a different 'feel' to it than any emotion they have felt before. It can be like a cleansing that helps to release the deepest emotions that they have not been able to let go of up to that point.

Spiritual healing can offer great calmness and serenity in dying, death and bereavement. It is a natural way of dealing with natural situations so that our loss does not become a focus for our lives for longer than it has to.

I believe we are here to enjoy our short experience here with the tragedy, loss and disappointment being the dark side that inevitably helps us to appreciate the light. We are not here to wallow in destruction, pain, anger and self-pity - what would be the point? When we focus on our serenity and contentment we are much more open to the joyous part of life, the creative side of our lives, and the love and acceptance that we can have for ourselves and others. It is only our thoughts that create the negative feelings, just as our thoughts create a lighter response to any situation.

For many people, this can translate into, for example, setting up trusts and charities in the name of the person or much-loved pet they have lost to try and improve the lives of others, and this is a wonderfully creative way of dealing with loss. But it's not for everyone; others need to come to terms with their grief in a quieter, less public way. But healing can help, whichever route we choose to experiencing all that life has to offer once again.


I wrote this article some years ago after my mother passed over. My husband, Howard, transitioned at the beginning of 2018 so, on re-reading this article, it was interesting to see how my own recent (and ongoing) experience relates to what I had written. One of the things that has made the biggest difference to my experience is that Howard and I talked about his transition before it finally happened - we knew he would probably not be here for much longer at the time, although it was something we discussed on and off for two or three years. The fact that we had been totally honest with one another, without being morbid or self-indulgent, and said all we needed to say before he left means that I have no guilt and no regrets, and that my memories of our partnership over more than 40 years are loving and joyous. Quite simply, we really did love one another unconditionally - and still do.

Talking about it before the event was probably the best healing either of us could have experienced, and I would recommend this to anyone. Our transition to Spirit (not death!) is a natural event and Spirit is all around us our departed loved ones are all around us we are all a part of Spirit even when we are 'living this life' because we are all One.

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