Healing, thoughts and emotions

I am a very down-to-earth healer, preferring not to have too many of the now-traditional trappings of the spiritual. I believe we are here in a dream and there is nothing material that can be spiritual - because it is just a dream!

When discussing healing many people confuse healing with curing; healing can cure but, more often than not, it offers a way of dealing with the emotional issues that have caused our dis-ease in the first place. This may lead to a cure but our emotions tend to be so strong that, for some, it can be difficult to overcome them in order to achieve this. A change in the way we think is usually needed to cure us, and that is what the healing will help us with.

Most of the health imbalances we experience are brought about by emotional imbalances, consciously or unconsciously, and when seeking healing you need to be aware of this. When healing is channelled it is a golden opportunity to resolve emotional conflicts - within ourselves and with others. So, unlike what we now refer to as orthodox treatments, like drugs which create changes in our bodies without our input, healing is most effective when you reflect on the difficulties you now have or have had in the past that have placed stress of one sort or another on your systems. If you can pinpoint these, you have the opportunity to work with the healing to resolve your health imbalances.

In some instances, it is actually not necessary to reflect because they become glaringly obvious either through insight created by the healing or by your becoming aware of a situation or thoughts that have created the imbalance.

This is where we start to understand how powerful our thoughts are. Just as we can unconsciously think ourselves into ill health, so we can consciously think ourselves out of it.

In the world of health, there is a feverish programme for a large number of the common chronic illnesses from which we suffer to be highlighted. It is very common now to screen everyone who visits a doctor for various imbalances because they are so prevalent. Health professionals have our best health at the heart of everything they do so it is not surprising that they want to 'nip illnesses in the bud' by screening. And potential cures for these imbalances are publicized widely with suggestions as to what we can do to avoid them.

The downside to this is that it places all these imbalances at the centre of our thoughts at quite frequent intervals in our lives. We all want to avoid ill health at any time in our lives but by placing our thoughts too frequently and intensely on specific diseases can have the effect allowing our thoughts to create them for us. This is, of course, the opposite of what we want to achieve. But our thoughts are very powerful and what we place them on gets bigger. You know how problems that we keep churning over in our minds tend to get bigger and bigger; worrying constantly about something creates stress and makes the whole situation more difficult to resolve effectively.

Regardless of our state of health, our thoughts need to be on good health and what we can do to make ourselves healthier at all times. Dwelling on how bad we feel can only make us feel worse - our thoughts make the challenger bigger. Spending lots of time thinking about the symptoms of a potential illness that has been drawn to our attention will only make them more obvious to us and will usually create worse and further symptoms. It is a cycle that can work either way: you can keep your illness and your symptoms at the forefront of your mind all day and they will get worse oryou can keep thinking about being healthy and free of symptoms and things will be much more likely to improve. The old saying, 'what you think about, you bring about' holds true always.

Being honest about healing

I often think when I'm actually channelling healing how surreal it must seem to many people. A healer holds their hands over someone or touches them and channels healing from a Source that can be viewed differently by different people. The healer and the person receiving the healing simply have to have faith that something is happening initially. As the healing progresses, those receiving healing may feel all sorts of effects like tingling, pressure, heat or cold in various parts of their body or they may see colours, or any number of other indications that something is indeed happening. They may feel nothing whilst the healing is being channelled but may experience the effects later. It is different for everyone.

But while the channelling is actually happening can feel like a bizarre situation, unlike anything else, so keeping an open mind is so important to help you remain relaxed during the session so that you can absorb the maximum healing being channelled.

The healing process

When you're thinking about making an appointment for healing of any sort, you need to start with an open mind - you may not understand it but that doesn't mean that it won't work. An open mind allows you to stay relaxed, which is how you get the most benefit.

If, during the healing you experience any effects - even different effects to those I've already mentioned - remain relaxed and accept that whatever you do or do not feel is right for you. This is not like orthodox medicine where 'one size is supposed to fit all' so that the vast number of people passing through the medical system can be accommodated in an over-stretched service. Healing is specific to you and your body, your emotions and your needs.

When the healing session is over, it is important to remain as calm as possible and to avoid any strenuous activity for the rest of the day because the healing will continue after the session. Once you start doing anything really active, however, it will stop.

Drinking a little more water than you would normally and avoiding caffeine, nicotine, recreational drugs, alcohol, etc., is also helpful in ensuring that the healing continues for as long as possible. It should be mentioned here that continuing to take alcohol and recreational into your body for days or weeks before and after a healing is not helpful in resolving your health imbalance. This is not just from a health point of view but also in regard to your emotional state. Abstaining for a few days may well help you to achieve more clarity of thought to be able to work out what emotional issues have caused your health imbalance.

Taking responsibility for how kindly, or not, you treat your body and how much you ignore emotional issues is a good way of enhancing the healing. There is no blame attached to your previous lifestyle because it was probably unconscious - perhaps a way of trying to deal with the issues in the first place - but once you realize the potential damage that thoughts and emotions can cause, you may wish to start living in a different way.

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