Thinking our way to good health

Trees and plants have a force within them that compels them to grow and develop in the best way they possibly can. The only reason a plant will fail to grow is because the growing conditions or environment around the plant are actively preventing its development. Whatever nutrients and growing environment are around it affect the level and speed of its growth. Plants and trees do not have the capacity to survive half-heartedly.

As humans, we are often less steely in our resolve to grow and develop. We allow ourselves to be distracted by many aspects of life largely because we have free will. It is our choice as to whether or not we progress, and many of us choose not to take up the opportunities to stretch ourselves that are offered to us throughout our lives. Most of us think ourselves out of taking the path that offers us the best and most beneficial challenges; we often tend to follow the path of least resistance and not concern ourselves with progressing - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is not a negative judgement because, for many, the latter is not their path for this lifetime but for others, they may wake up in spirit feeling disappointed in the progress they have made compared with what they had wished.

The creative power within

We are largely ignorant of the power we hold within us, and this is constantly referred to by channelled sources from Spirit. Thoughts are energy or vibrations, just like everything else in the Universe, and they reverberate around us all the time. We all know the examples of those who can identify who is calling them when the telephone rings, even if it's someone they haven't been in touch with for a while. There are other situations where large groups of people spontaneously act in the same way - dancing, singing a particular song, moving in the same direction, panicking. This latter event is often referred to as mass hysteria but, in most cases, that fails to explain the source of the initial behaviour. Our thoughts can give us the confidence to do things that others might believe were impossible or they can paralyse us with fear so that we do very little - for most of us, our thoughts lead us to do the average things in between these two extremes.

But, through the power of our thoughts we create our own personal world and everything in it. We are creative beyond our wildest dreams - and nightmares.

The Law of Attraction

The more thought we give to something, the more energy we are feeding it, and the more powerful it becomes. The cosmic Law of Attraction is the phenomenon of like attracting like. The way we respond to our desires - the thoughts we keep in our heads on a regular basis - creates a vibration which goes out into the universe; when this vibration comes into contact with a similar vibration the two are brought together.

So, if we are thinking about the possibility of buying some kind of material possession, like a new pair of shoes, a tailored coat, a sports car, a house, or a time-share villa, and we give it a great deal of thought, we are sending out the energy of those desires. This thought energy links with the energy of the items in question. We naturally do all we can, while we're thinking about these things, to create the circumstances that will bring them to us and, if we are intent on owning them, they may become available to us at some point. As they say, what you think about, you bring about.

I am not, however, convinced that this can happen with everything simply because we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. I believe that if what we desire is not for our highest good or, in other words, it does not fit in with the lessons we chose to learn before we started our experience here, then Spirit will instead bring us events and experiences that will aid our development. Hence the reason why some people say that their desires are not met through focusing on what they wish to have. And sometimes what we get can be much, much better than our previously held desires.

Creating our good health

Our thoughts concerning our health are even more important than those about what we desire materially. What we believe and focus on can create our state of health. The sources that are channelled from Spirit tell us that, because we are infinitely creative, we create most of the illnesses we experience. In other words, if you regularly view yourself as being unhealthy or being at risk of contracting a particular disease, there is a good chance that you will manifest ill health of one kind or another.

Our thoughts are directly linked to every cell in our body - what we think creates balance or imbalance in those cells. So, it is not stretching credibility to believe that we can, in fact, compromise our immune system with these thoughts; we then become more vulnerable to whatever infections are doing the rounds. Hence, the ease with which some people catch colds and other infections. I used to be tentative about suggesting this because it causes such controversy, but I have seen enough healing clients and read so many of the messages from Spirit on this subject to know deep within me that we are endlessly creative in everything. As well as channelling healing, I often find myself talking to people about their thoughts and the belief systems that those thoughts have created in their lives. And this doesn't just happen in healing sessions, it can come about during normal conversation. We are so good at complaining - it could be an Olympic sport. Many people complain about what has manifested in their lives but when I talk to them about their beliefs, it is obvious that they have inadvertently created the conditions for those situations. Even those who have been born with a health imbalance or disability can improve their lives enough to significantly minimise the impact on a daily basis. In fact, it often seems to me that these spirits are better at thinking constructively and positively than those of us who have been born healthy and able-bodied!

Can you imagine what a difference it would make to our Health Service in the UK if we understood how we truly manifest ill health? So much so that private health care providers and pharmaceutical companies would do everything they could to disabuse us of this belief if they discovered it was gaining ground amongst the population. And this is the sadness of it: there are so many people invested in our ill health that it inhibits our ability to hold the belief that we can naturally be healthy.

Feeding our fears

It is wonderful that people are encouraged to do marathons and other fund-raising events to raise money for various charities conducting research into serious or chronic diseases, or to pay for equipment and nurses, and so forth. But perhaps we should give some thought to the situation we are creating.

We have screening services for numerous chronic and debilitating diseases and, on the face of it, this seems like a wonderfully compassionate way of helping people to avoid these illnesses but, of course, again it raises the idea that we are at risk of contracting something life-threatening. For many people this is an ongoing fear in the background of their lives, particularly if one of their loved ones becomes seriously ill, and it is fed by well-meaning health service providers. The thought of even the possibility of particular diseases sets up a fear in many people's minds; when we fear something, we give it a great deal of thought and it becomes bigger, more powerful and we might fall victim to it by the very nature of our thoughts.

Changing the way we view our health

The National Health Service in the UK has long been viewed as a national sickness service because a minute amount of funding is devoted to health promotion. We are all labouring under the delusion that the only mainstream compassionate and caring way to deal with our health is to either screen for risk or treat a disease when it manifests.

One of the means of preventing illness would be to help people to be mindful of their lifestyles in order to maintain their good health; to keep thoughts of health rather than sickness in their minds - but only as the main thrust of the NHS. Nothing less will do because the tepid promotion of good health currently, which directly proportional to the amount of money available, is almost ineffective for most people. Greater emphasis is gradually being placed on this viewpoint but it is still very small and growing only slowly. This change of viewpoint would turn the whole subject of health on its head and change our thoughts to those of health and well-being rather than inevitable ill health as we progress through life.

The food we eat

The only reason manufacturers produce 'unhealthy' foods is because we buy and consume them; if there were no profit in them, they would not produce them. Most of the items offered at discount in supermarkets are those foods and drinks that have been highlighted as detrimental to our health. But the fact that they are so cheap encourages us to buy and consume much more. In addition, psychologically, if we are told we are not to do something, we are much more likely to engage in that behaviour - and if it is made cheaper and easier to do this, there is no holding back. The government is trying to raise the prices of some of these items but, again, it is by too little to make a dramatic improvement.

Obesity may have more to do with what we think the food is doing to us rather than what it is actually doing. In other words, if our thoughts are about foods making us fat, we are attracting that scenario to us; if we think nothing is making us fat and we can enjoy the relief of not having to feel concern or guilt every time we put something into our mouths, we may end up naturally eating less food - and perhaps even healthier food! But this will only happen if we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us about what we need. There are quite a large number of people who refuse to take any notice of health professionals and others when they give them advice on eating. They believe they know what is best for their bodies - and a significant number of them live healthily into very old age. There are, of course, others who suffer greatly from this philosophy and quite often pass over at an early age or experience debilitating illness for years before they leave us.

When I have talked to a lot of people about their diets, the most common reaction is to complain about the scientists constantly 'changing their minds' about which foods we should be eating, avoiding or reducing the intake. Scientists are constantly progressing in their research and publicising each and every new piece of information, which may seem like a constantly changing stream of advice.

Our bodies are incredibly versatile. They don't have to have top quality food to remain healthy because they can function effectively if lower quality foods are eaten alongside high quality products. Some children refuse to eat anything other than a very limited diet when they are toddlers, consuming only foods like custard cream biscuits, or cheese, or bread and butter. They survive perfectly well and, if no one tries to force them to eat anything else and healthy options are just a normal part of what they see on the table, through their own curiosity at some point, they start to experiment with other foods and can eat quite healthily for the rest of their lives.

If we are all encouraged to eat healthy foods because they are tasty and fun to eat, and not specifically because they are good for us, we can start to listen to what our individual bodies are telling us. Currently, the noise of manufacturers' adverts, health education professionals and others giving us conflicting ideas of what we should be eating drowns out our own inner voice of wisdom. Everyone's body is unique and it is up to us to give our particular body what it needs. Whilst there are many foods that are universally good, there are also many that do challenge our digestive systems at various stages in our lives. Many people know which foods these are for them personally and yet they often still eat them in large quantities. This is evidenced by the high sales of antacids and other medicines to alleviate digestive ailments; equally, there are certain foods that aggravate conditions such as arthritis in all its forms but some people still insist on eating them because they like them. This is their choice and we have to respect that.

The variety of foods we can eat today has never been greater; for every food we cannot eat and enjoy without unpleasant after-effects, there are probably several alternatives that would not cause us difficulties and would become equally delicious to our palates. We just need to have enough respect for our bodies, and wish to live the whole of our lives in comfort, to take the time to experiment. Ill health at any time in our lives is unpleasant but to have the inevitable effects of ageing combined with diseases such as cardiac imbalance, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and so forth, makes the latter part of our lives a misery - especially when we know we could have avoided it. Placing our thoughts on health rather than what we see as inevitable ill health as we age can make all the difference to the outcome if, for no other reason, than the action we take to bring this about.

Our belief system

When I talk about our thoughts to some people, because of their belief systems, they immediately assume that there is some kind of blame attached to us if we become ill. This is certainly not the case - we are all here in an experiencing and learning environment. None of us knows everything, and we are all here to help one another. In fact, the most effective learning can take place through our interactions with other souls. This is the point of being here - so that we can learn from one another and progress spiritually. We know that some people, when they are given a poor or terminal diagnosis, decide they are just not going to allow their lives to be taken away from them, either by serious disablement or death, and they set about effectively reversing their ill health. Many of these people succeed because they suspend their belief in the infallibility of doctors and live in a different way using a belief system that originates within them. They experiment with different complementary treatments until they find one that feels right to them. They change the way they think so that they truly believe, or know, that they can be healthy and fit again. More often than not they confound the medical profession by living for many more years, having either recovered from their illness or lived in reasonable comfort and well-being despite it. They have re-created their good health. This is not a miracle, although it is often labelled as such; it is simply a case of wise souls using the infinite power of creation within them that is their birthright.

Try an experiment!

Whether you believe that we create our world, and our health, or not, it could be interesting to experiment with this. If you have a health issue, start by living just one day as if you have control over the creation of your good health. If you feel even a little better, stretch that into the next day, and the next, and the next. The longer you keep going the more your mind (and your thoughts) will focus on good health, becoming more and more powerful. And there is a good chance that you will experience exactly what you desire, or at least a significant improvement in your health or your ability to cope with your condition. You just have to want it and believe in it enough to create that situation.

Think about a belief you hold about anything at all - something that you know to be true for you, although it may not be true for others. That belief, or knowing, is a normal part of your personality and character; you don't think about it or question it but simply know it to be true for you. This is the way we need to think about our good health; not questioning the validity of our belief but simply knowing it to be the case - the Law of Attraction will then go into overdrive and manifest that experience for us or at least minimise our discomfort if there is something else we have to learn from our health challenge. We have thought about it and brought it about!

Changing the way we think forever

If, as a species, we can accept that we create our own reality, then we can start progressing towards creating health for ourselves rather than health imbalances, as is currently the case. Medical staff could have the satisfaction of helping people to maintain good health rather than the constant drain on energy and resources of sick patients turning up at health facilities.

It is in our hands to choose a change in the way we think about our bodies - our attitude is just a thought which can be changed. There is no blame if we think differently because we have a choice about how we experience this lifetime, but it is certainly something to ponder on if we want to live for a long time here on the Earth in the best health we can. Who would want to live here for a long time in poor health?

Trees can live for thousands of years on earth, often surviving and thriving in impoverished environments. A tree has no force inside it for disease or destruction; its ingrained purposes are living and thriving. We need be no different, except that as far as we know we have the huge advantage over plants of being in possession of an intelligent mind to aid us in surviving and thriving. Although I think plants and trees simply have a different form of intelligence which is appropriate to their form. The question is: do we have the motivation to use our own form of intelligence to our advantage like the plants and trees?

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