About Us


I'm Jenny Jones and I'm a natural energy (or spiritual) healer.

I am a member of The Healing Trust (NFSH).

I live on the Carmarthenshire /Pembrokeshire border in West Wales, which is where I offer healing either at my home or in natural health and well-being events locally. Wales has very special energies that resonate well with the healing energies and are in themselves healing.

This website has been created for anyone to visit who is interested in developing themselves spiritually but not by seeking to separate themselves from the world and the other souls in it; rather by finding the connections with everything and every other soul on the planet.

Sadly, my husband, Dr Howard Jones, passed over to Spirit in February 2018 at the age of 80. He will, of course, be greatly missed but his legacy is immense. He learned so much and imparted so much knowledge to others; his main aim in life was to help others especially through knowledge.
With the same practical aims as me regarding spirituality, Howard wrote books that approached this from another direction, by seeking to bring science and spirituality together, using his scientific background. So, as is the case with all souls, we were both moving in the same direction but from different starting points.
The site has deliberately been made simple and straightforward because that was how we led our lives. A simple life is one that leaves room for the greatest joy and happiness, appreciating the beauty of nature, music, art, literature as well as the beauty of relationships with all other souls.
Howard also reviewed over 200 books for Amazon on Science, Religion and Spirituality.

Enjoy what you read and email me with your feedback or your questions if you have any.

Love and blessings.
Jenny Jones

About Howard

My school-life in Cardiff (1948-56) was essentially happy. Apart from a few weeks of bullying when I first went to grammar school, I was successful in most subjects and behaved myself, so rarely got into any trouble. I had been to preparatroy school for five years, so I had a good grounding that put me ahead of the field.

I moved on to study for six years at University College Cardiff - three as an undergraduate with degrees in maths, physics and a First Class Honours in chemistry, and three years of postgraduate study, which gave me an M.Sc in physics. I took a long time on my research degree because I was quite seriously ill with hepatitis for six months.

After some school-teaching in London and a year of research at the Postgraduate Medical School attached to Hammersmith Hospital, I emigrated to Australia.

Three years of research in Perth, Western Australia produced a Ph.D in medical chemistry, and this was followed by three years post-doctoral research at the McGill Medical School in Montreal, Canada.

I produced a handful of research papers during this time that were published in respected scientific journals that included Nature, The Journal of the Chemical Society (of Great Britain - now called The Royal Society of Chemistry), The Canadian Journal of Biochemistry, The Canadian Journal of Spectroscopy, and others.

Much as I enjoyed scientific research, I found it too specialized - many academic pursuits interested me (I loved languages and music, and other sciences like botany and geology) and there just wasn't time to pursue more than one. Industrial research, where commercial interests were always going to be the primary objective, was anathema to me. My recreation was centered around music and dancing, and going for long walks in the countryside that was accessible from my home.

My professional life has been devoted to teaching, tutoring, lecturing, writing and editing the work of other scientists. My aim has always been to make complicated ideas as intelligible as possible to as many people as possible. I have taught children from year 7 (11 year olds) to year 13 for A-level maths, physics, chemistry and human biology.

In Canada and Australia I lectured to both undergraduates and postgraduates. I have spent the past 40 years in publishing, in-house for John Wiley and the Open University, and as a freelance doing editing work on manuscripts of books and papers for research journals from scientists in Eastern Europe and Japan.

I have written two books on health and nutrition - Prescriptions for Health (William Collins, 1986) and A Way of Health (Tynron, 1990). I have now also published two books dealing with a holistic world view and attempting to find a rational scientific basis for spirituality, particularly to replace fundamentalist scriptural religion. These books are The Thoughtful Guide to God, published in the summer of 2006, and The Tao of Holism (2008), both published by O Books of Ropley, Hampshire (www.o-books.net).

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