More about Oneness

Much has been written and said about Oneness. However, we are still at war with one another, still competing with one another in business and jobs, still wanting to have what we see as a higher status than others, still practising racism, sexism and ageism, and many more examples of insane behaviour. This would indicate that we have not even come close to understanding or practising this fundamental fact of our existence - that we are all One.

The following is my understanding of our existence here, based on what I have carried with me throughout my life and more recent information that has simply confirmed this understanding and filled in much of the detail of my general beliefs from childhood to the current day.

Who is the Son of God?

When the Son of God is talked about, it is usually in connection with Jesus. According to the bible he was the Son of God and I believe this is true. However, we fail to take this to its ultimate conclusion. We are all One so we are a part of the Sonship of God; each individual Self is part of the one Son of God. There is only one of us here in reality; we are just parts of the Son of God, parts of the Oneness.

If you take this further, you know that the Son of God was created by God - is an extension of God. We are thoughts in the Mind of God. We are magnificent beings in reality, just as magnificent as God Itself. I do not believe I would be able to channel healing if I were not an extension of God and therefore using God's power; every time I channel healing I channel the Love of God. Although there is no need to make a big fuss about it in the healing session as long as I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

Great Spirit

My view of God is not of a white-bearded, immortal old man sitting on his throne in Heaven. I think many of us view God in this way because we are projecting our own appearance on to Him, just as we project everything else. God is Love; God is an emotion, a feeling that permeates everything, but we have decided that we will do things our way without God. Of course, we are never without God; we are all always kept safely in God but we chose to be separate at a certain point, which is quite simply impossible.

Despite the number of times God has been mentioned here, in my own mind, God is a Spirit and I find it easier to hold this feeling in my mind and keep it at the centre of all I do if I think of God as a Great Spirit. This removes the temptation to anthropomorphize this feeling of unconditional, all-encompassing Love that Great Spirit represents for me. People talk about Great Spirit being vengeful or ask why Great Spirit has brought them tragedy, poverty, heartache, illness, and all the other negative things that cause us to be unhappy. What we fail to realize is that, as Great Spirit is perfect, anything imperfect could not be created by this Being. We, on the other hand, who have decided we can do things better than a perfect God, project our own ideas into our existence!

Our creative potential

We create our own tragedies; Great Spirit only desires our happiness and would never bring anything to us that did not benefit us. We decide before we appear here what kind of a life we are going to lead - whether we'll be born into poverty or wealth, difficult relationships or pleasant ones, health or sickness - in order that we can assuage our guilt that we ever had the idea that we could be separate from God. There is no blame attached to us for this but it is unnecessary. Anything that is uncomfortable or painful for us is also there to teach us, to help us understand our false perceptions.

I would imagine that many people reading this will be starting to feel uncomfortable, if not downright angry that anyone would say such things, and I can understand that. It is very difficult for us to think in the way I have described when we are in the midst of all the crises we have created in our lives. It is challenging to view ourselves as powerful and magnificent beings when we are feeling depressed, frustrated, disappointed and angry. But our power is the very thing that has enabled us to create the situations in which we find ourselves; we are just mis-creating rather than lovingly creating.

But I believe that, if we can remember at all times that we are being taken care of by Great Spirit no matter what we feel or do because this Being is completely unconditional Love, we are unlikely to get into nearly as many difficulties in life as we do, and when they do happen. We are also much more able to cope with them knowing that we are not here to suffer. Additionally, we have a much greater chance of finding within us that elusive happiness that so many people write about.

Happiness is not something that comes from without; it is a feeling that we have inside us when we are comfortable with our beliefs, when we live our lives with love for ourselves and others, when we are true to our Higher Selves. It is a state of mind. And this is not as difficult as it might seem if we remember that we are all part of the Son of God, the Oneness which was created by Love - pure and unconditional. The trick is to think, not about how we are here in our bodies but, what we really are - spiritual beings experiencing a material world. The reality lies in our spiritual existence; the material illusion is simply a projection using the immense power we have as spiritual beings.

Choosing to change the way we think

When we start to think of ourselves as Children of God for just five or ten minutes, it makes a difference. We can increase the amount of time each day that we consciously live in Great Spirit's Love until we are experiencing this almost all the time. We can each be Great Spirit's Love and in so doing we will understand what Oneness truly is, and we will benefit all our brothers and sisters in the Oneness.

However short a time we practise this, we will start to realize what Oneness really is. We will understand that when we fight with one another, we are fighting with our own Self; when we judge one another or view others in a sexist, racist or ageist way, in effect we are judging and viewing ourselves. When we are cruel to others or defraud them or indeed do or think anything negative or unloving, we are abusing ourselves.

When we have understood this, it then makes forgiveness so much easier in every situation because unconditional love is all about forgiveness, and by forgiving others we are forgiving ourselves within the Oneness that we are. True unconditional love is not what we think it is in this material illusion - it is usually reserved for those closest to us while everyone else has many conditions attached to our loving them. When we understand that we are all One, there is no other path than to forgive everything in unconditional love because that's what we all are - Love. There is nothing else. We have no real control over what life brings to us while we're here in this illusion, but what we do have control over is how we respond to everything. Bringing love to every situation and remembering that we are not really individuals at all but simply part of the Whole, the One, makes us view our time here and those we share it with in a totally different way. Our time becomes much simpler and much more satisfying because everything starts to flow and dovetail instead of every situation causing us problems to one degree or another.

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